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Velkopopovicky Kozel

Race to Space was a digital campaign with the story of two Kozels competing for Beer #1 status. We created: interactive banners, viral news, photo content, video content, UGC.

– In social media and on blog platforms we seeded funny and even absurd viral news about the race, making people wonder if they were jokes.
– On a web-site we started the countdown.
– On the web-site and in social media people could follow all the stages of the preparations for the race in photo reports.
– On the site people could also place their stakes on which can of beer would win. All the bets were humorous like jumping one 1 leg and quacking… All in “Kozel” style.

On the web-site we made a live broadcasting of the race: 2 cameras for 2 cans. Also we provided a live text commenting humorously with the brand relevant language what was happening on the screen.


One final video of the race was made from two cameras and uploaded to the site. +It was seeded in the web.
We went to find the two cans with the GPS-chips in the deep woods, and those viewers who lost their bets had to accomplish what they had promised. We were to gather users’ videos of how they jump on one leg quacking and other stuff like that.


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Velkopopovicky Kozel. Race to Space

Beer #1 in Europe becomes beer #1 in space. But there are two Kozels. And they start their race to space to find out which is the real number one. Are you on the dark or the light side? We accept bets!