Imaginary Friends Imaginary Friends

Travel with Light

In the dense darkness of night it seems like there is nothing to see. But what if there’s something out there hidden from my eyes? Like some other worlds which are possible to observe only when squeezing time?

In the dense darkness of night I saw light travelling with me. And I’ll tell you it’s like a dolphin. Beautiful. But you have to be patient to spot it.

Santiago — Pucón
Santiago — Pucón

Santiago — Pucón

It was the very first time we met. They appeared out of nothing. Vibrating electric light strokes pierced the night air and started dancing around our bus to the rhythm I couldn’t hear but could see now. The lights followed the bus a few dances more. However, the driver couldn’t see them. And that made me unsure if all that was real or not. “I’ll try to spot the lights again the next night” — I thought zonking out…

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