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The Fill-Bellies

A story-based educational project to teach the kids recycling. The project was created with a zero budget out of pure enthusiasm by 3 people only and developed into a big and a significant one.

Scope of work:
– We developed the idea, created fictional characters, produced trash bins looking like those characters and implemented sound chips into them to give them voices.
– We created character descriptions in rhymes and produced mini leaflets with those rhymes for kids to know “the rules of the game”.  Also we produced foldables figures of the characters and handed them out.
– We created an animated story about the characters, using paper, a plastic bottle, stationary, etc.

For the first time the project was implemented in 2014 in only two kindergartens in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia, Russia). It showed great results – the kids started to bring separated waste from home to “feed” the characters and made their parents to participate in the game too. By the end of 2016th Fill-Bellies were invited and came to more than 30 kindergartens in Petrozavodsk and many other cities in the region. Now it’s expanding more and more, for example, to Saint-Petersburg and its region. To our surprise, now the project is used as a self-PR by the local government.

Here’s a small story how Fill-Bellies came to Earth (in Russian at this moment, but we are working at the voiceover in English with our friends from Texas!)


We received a lot of coverage in all main local newspapers, magazines and TV channels.

TV-Channel “Russia-1. Karelia”

“Stolitsa na Onego” online newspaper

“PTZ Govorit” online newspaper

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The Fill-Bellies

If grown-ups don't recycle – it's almost impossible to make them do that. But kids – you can teach them anything by playing! We decided to fight the problem together with the future generations.