Imaginary Friends Imaginary Friends


Heinz Super Hot

The goal: to convey the idea “the same old Heinz, but way hotter now”. All you’ve got is 5 seconds, including the packshot.



How to freshen up relationship with beloved client

When it got tense after years of working in perfect harmony with the client, we made a tactical move to get things back on track.

A small performance was made at the meeting in the office. On cue our team takes out their gadgets (made by Apple) with a new special logo – a nibbled tomato! At that time no one used a tomato that way.

Those stickers were a real bombshell, leaving the client as happy as a clam. All the rest 200 stickers were snapped up by Heinz office people in less than a minute. With almost zero budget and in no time we managed to patch up the ties.

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TVC 5 sec.

Tactical performance for the client.