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We’ve built 3 games with different themes — a mysterious Old Sauna with a tricky Sauna Spirit, a fairy Santa’s Lodge with Santa’s Helper living in the closet and a creepy Psycho of Helsinki with a few bloody surprises. Each story has a unique script, set design, aromas, sound design.

The project was made entirely with our own brains and hands:

  • concept
  • scripts
  • design and production (set design, art objects, mechanisms, puzzles)
  • technical part (mechanisms, electronics, arduino)
  • sound design
  • aroma design (inside each game there were a few aromas according to the set or the needed mood)
  • light design

We aimed to create immersive experiences, combining all 5 senses, and an important part of that was aroma design. Also we were eager to make our own unique riddles that you haven’t met in other games. We succeeded in that, but soon were copied, which we see as a good sign.

And we are especially proud of creating and building the only Rube Goldberg’s machine that was integrated into the game and could be easily reset.

Our games have been published in magazines and newspapers in different countries, for instance: Germany, Japan and England (The Guardian). Helsinki Tourist Office invited international journalists to play our games as a part of their “Finnish experience”.

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Escape Games in Helsinki

The only escape games with Finnish theme. The aim was to promote Finnish culture and lifestyle through these games . The games are now part of EscapeRoom Helsinki.